6 ways to make Monday’s better

Monday’s suck. Of course they do. You’ve had a couple of days off and now it back to setting that alarm. Here are a few tips to help you love Mondays. Or at least like them.

1. Get out of bed later

Have a lie in. Don’t be late for work. Maybe wash your hair Sunday night instead of Monday morning. Prepare you lunch the night before. Spend an extra 5 minutes snoozing. 

2. Have breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day. Make time to grab some food. I’m talking a slice of toast and an apple, not a full-blown English though. No one’s got time for that. Breakfast also sets you up for the day, you don’t want a grumbly tummy in the morning meeting.

3. Wear something new

Dress nice. That new blouse, wear it. It doesn’t even have to be new. Wear something that makes you feel good on a Monday. The self-confidence will make you forget it’s a Monday and the compliments won’t be a bad addition.

4. Listen to your guilty pleasure

Blast Little Mix on your way to work. Why not? It makes you happy.

5. Exercise

I’m not suggesting an hour at the gym but go for a short run before work, or dust of that exercise DVD. OR at least take the stairs instead of the lift. The endorphin’s released will increase that chance of that happy smiley you.

6. Monday = Cheat day

“Diet starts Monday” The diet is always ruined on a Monday. Have Monday as your cheat night. Can you imagine sat at your desk with the excitement of knowing you’re going home to pizza. You could even order it on the app on the way home so you arrive at the same time as it!


Monday’s don’t have to be awful. What’s that saying “if you love your job, you won’t work a day in your life” Start loving work and loving Mondays.

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