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Adaptive Collaboration | Team Effectiveness & Customer Service

Adaptive Collaboration

Team Effective & Service

Collaboration is essential within large organisations if shared intent and objectives are to be achieved in the most efficient and effective way possible. If the plan is to reduce costs and maximise the potential of people, then a collaborative and an integrated management culture is essential. The hidden costs of unnecessary meetings, re-work, duplication, isolated processes, ineffective teams, selfish service and poor people management are substantial.

Improving internal service levels impacts directly on the service received by customers and your clients.  The ways in which teams at every level interact within themselves as well across the whole organisation is fundamental in the achievement of results.

Adaptive service and adaptive teams are therefore key to impacting results from within.

The Customer Service Health Check, developed by Jon Chidley and Neville Pritchard is unique to People in Flow. It identifies the simple wins and the deep issues to be resolve to shift and embrace your customer focus. It opens the door for the focused facilitation in the People in Flow service transformation workshops.

People in Flow also specialise in the development of team effectiveness at all levels. Using a range of tools, techniques and support for performance development. Our consultants and coaches work with you to generate even higher levels of energy. Department, project, cross-department, matrix, management and leadership teams all impact organisation results.

People in Flow can measure, monitor and report both impact and return

EVALUATE with the rapidly deployed HR in Flow Customer Service Health Check.

REDEFINE your opportunities, options and customer outlook with measures that matter.

ACCELERATE change and focused improvements.

CREATE impact on customer satisfaction, net promoter and measures that matter.

Insight from

LBD – HR in Flow Customer Service Health Check
Team effectiveness assessment
Dominant energy profiling
Functional 360 evaluation

Impact from

IDEAS framework
Service Workshops in six key pillars of service
Professional development
Team effectiveness workshops
Team commitment workshops
Facilitated transformation labs

Flow through

Key team and individual coaching
Measurement framework

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