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Agile Engagement | HR in Flow | Values and Culture

Agile Engagement

71% of organisations achieving higher than average employee engagement levels perform ahead of their sector. Detachment costs the UK £340 billion a year. Resilience depends upon high levels of employee engagement and low levels detachment.

Agile Engagement is about helping you to create the wrap around values and cultures that your organisation wants and needs. We complete a comprehensive review of all factors affecting your employee engagement. We look at where the intention and result focus is developed, we look within the cultural framework needed by your unique organisation. Bringing a wide range of considerations into play in an integrated, coordinated and collaborative way, this maximises the potential contribution of all employees as well as increasing productivity, reducing people related costs and energising the workplace.

Utilising the deep insights within the LBD technology, People in Flow consultants help you to pinpoint action that will impact results. We track impact and return on your investment. Our coaches work with you to focus any management support and development need to list responsiveness.

EVALUATE with deep and personalised surveys, rapidly deployed

REDEFINE your needs instantly

ACCELERATE impact  with laser-like action on issues

CREATE the worthy environment you want and need to achieve intended results with optimal people performance

Insight from

Current state analysis consulting
LBD engagement survey
Individual management 360s using our LCE (Leading in a Complex Environment) competency framework
Dominant energy profiling
Management team effectiveness profiling

Impact from

Facilitated transformation labs
Focused professional development
Professional skills,
Leadership and Management training and development activity

Flow through

Digital reinforcement
Measurement framework

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