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Authentic Performance

There is much debate surrounding this and here at People in Flow we realise that. We know that every organisation needs a support framework that encourages and motivates for high performance within their own context. It should not be an imposition, ‘get in the way’ or be viewed as ‘pointless.’

There are many challenges involved and our expertise helps you to identify precisely what you and your organisation needs. There are some common challenges, such as new requirements on teaching quality in Universities, wider industry regulatory shifts and appropriate sub culture appreciation. Here at People in Flow, we can help you to ensure ‘situational significance’ and have a framework that fits your needs.

The People in Flow LBD System encourages immersive and involved, committed and creative, energised and enabling performance management.

From the foundations of responsibility, you generate reviewed commitment to performance. The review of role focus, priorities, links and alignment to organisation purpose and intent, all combine to clarify expectations. People in Flow encourage the use of ‘instant objectives’ that drive the supportive achievement of required results.

The LBD performance module is incredibly flexible and provides support to the framework you want and need – not as imposed on you. This is key to you ensuring the commitment of all involved.

People in flow encourage the link to Pink’s motivation factors and link to reward team rewards. The system can adapt to whatever you need through in this element of consideration.

EVALUATE with flexible and inclusive systems that encourage responsibility. 

REDEFINE your management and expectation to meet your unique needs.

ACCELERATE focus and new levels of performance.

CREATE an achievement culture.

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