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Cloud Based System | Learning Beyond Data | HR in Flow

Cloud Based System

What is a Cloud Based System?

A Cloud Based System is a virtual server that allows you to access data and programmes. Because it is virtual, it means you can have access to it anywhere and everywhere. With a Cloud Based System you can share your programmes and data with the others in your organisation. The phrase ‘Cloud Based’ is a term used for applications, services and resources that are made available to it’s users via the internet. This sort of system can benefit your company by not only increasing capacity but also enhancing functionality. People in Flow recognise that a Cloud Based system is the future and so our Cloud Based system is called the LBD. No, that isn’t our little black dress, it’s our Learning Beyond Data system. Although, both are very similar in the idea that they can be used anywhere and everywhere.

What is the LBD System?

Well, first of all our Learning Beyond Data system provides an exciting Organisation Development system which provides insight and analytics for different areas. These areas include HR, Learning and Development, Office Culture, Employee Engagement, Resilience, Change Readiness and more. Most importantly, the system offers innovative approaches to impact and it does this through new integrated Performance, Talent and Succession Management. It is a changeable system that can be tailored to your needs and wants. Therefore it is unique to you. And so with our individual and departmental 360 reviews, as well as internal and external Customer Experience impact, the flexible and enhanced data brings even more commercial and focused people support.

Why are we a perfect fit?

The LBD System provides broader and deeper insight than most other cloud based data systems. The data it collects generates predictive information which can be used to improve performance. As well as this, it brings the opportunity for you to create and develop strategies, policies and processes. These can all be unique for your company. So it allows you to contribute more and therefore be even more valuable. Our system can assist you with your performance management and employee engagement as well as the talent and succession. The system can be tailored to your needs. And so if there is something you don’t want then it can be taken out. This Learning Beyond Data System is already being used globally by over 100 companies and 100,000 individuals. So we’re helping 1000’s of people become more valuable and we could be helping you too!

Our Learning Beyond Data System has many benefits, including these:

User Friendly

Instant Reporting

Real Time Solutions

Available in any language

Reduces Time

High Data Security System


Smart & Intuitive

Saves Hassle

Ongoing IT Support

Find out more

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to our Cloud Based System – The LBD and as a result, there are a lot of benefits for you.
Let’s have a chat about how the Learning Beyond Data system can make your life easier and therefore improve your organisations performance.
If you’re interested, we can give you a virtual tour around the system, this only takes thirty minutes of your time.
Or if you prefer to talk face to face, stop by our offices for a chat and we’ll get the kettle on!

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