Coaching that makes a difference

In the coaching of talent within organisations, People in Flow has an established approach. In the last 3 years, 68% of those we have worked with have been promoted and 95% have reported improvements in their working and personal balance. As with all People in Flow services, we help you by enabling INSIGHT – IMPACT – FLOW.

* We use a dominant energy and a strength focused approach to initiating greater self-awareness. Then we work with individuals to develop thinking and action to address their improvement needs.
* Here we help and support individuals to explore issues and concerns from wider contexts, this then helps us provide practical options for you to act upon.
* We use a mix of new ‘state-based’ profiling tools and traditional psycho-metrics to get focused action and early improvement experiences.
* Our team of coaches work with you to agree the most pragmatic and manageable support framework.
* Flexible pricing options enable you to receive the right coaching support tailored to you.

People in Flow also evaluate through 360˚assessments, profiling and research which consequently redefine your intent and issues. As well as accelerating with initial focused actions, which work towards achieving longer term intact. We also create new frameworks and mindsets for you and your success.

People in Flow provide a full range of coaching support:


Executive coaching enables leaders and teams to develop their skills as well as increase their effectiveness and finally maximise their potential. Our coaches aim to increase awareness and provide insight that can be used immediately.


Management coaching involves helping individuals improve their executive performance and their ability to manage others. Our coaches aim this at individuals who are planning to apply for a managerial position as well as those who are already working as managers. 

Life and well-being

Life and Well-being coaching is designed to support people in the work place. Our coaches will use skills and techniques in conjunction with their own knowledge to enable you to become more activated and take greater responsibility.


It is essential that teams work as efficiently as possible. Our coaches will bring individuals together to develop their skills and efficiency in working as a team.