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Energising Strategy | HR in Flow | Impact HR & Reality L&D

Energising Strategy

Energising Strategy can help you and your organisation stand out from the crowd and therefore deliver the learning opportunities that are consequently needed by your organisation.

Both Reality Learning & Development as well as Impact HR, ensure that all the questions have been asked, as well as being answered. And as well as this, People in Flow ensures that as a function and as a service, that every client is delivering for their unique organisation and doing so in the way that their organisation will most benefit.

People in Flow provide support with a depth of expertise that ensure that the right questions are being asked and answered, because an unanswered question just leads to more questions. To do this, we go through different stages. So, first of all, there is an initial thorough evaluation of the service as well as an evaluation of the functions current state. This is all done using the Pritchard Functional Evaluation Framework which is unique to People in Flow.

The framework consists of five focus points which are especially relevant
and these are what the perceived value index is created from.

Alignment and Integration

The extent to which departments align to organisation purpose and intent, as well as providing integrated services.

Management and Credibility

Exploring how the department is seen to be led.

Efficiency & Credibility

The focus on proving an efficient service and demonstrating considered business management.

Effectiveness and Sustained Impact

The extent to which these are achieved.

Global Consciousness

The extent to which the wider world of HR is known and appreciated as well as explained and therefore, considered.

EVALUATE strategy, operations & service content and delivery.

REDEFINE your measures of contribution.

ACCELERATE from valued to valuable.

CREATE time for your impact.

Insight from

LBD functional 360 data analysis
Stakeholder interviews using the HR in flow analysis framework
Data analysis of existing data and impact
Management team effectiveness assessment

Impact from

Transformation labs
HR in flow change management support
General professional development
CIPD qualifications

Flow through

Digital reinforcement
Ongoing key individual coaching
Ongoing team coaching

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