How Good are You at Interpreting Body Language Correctly?

How many of you actively watch the body language of someone you are communicating with or observing and are able to accurately interpret what you are seeing as well as hearing?

In any case, why does it matter? Why should we bother?

Our ability to communicate effectively is a critical success factor both at work and socially. But did you know, in every face-to-face interaction, only 7% of our communications comes from the words we speak? Your voice (pitch & tone) accounts for another 38%. But by far the largest share, 55%, comes through our body language. Controlling the body language you use as well as understanding the body language demonstrated is ultimately a key skill in effective communications.

Even when you stop speaking, your body continues to communicate. And even before you start speaking, your body language will have already conveyed a message to the audience about you.


Developing the ability to both control and understand body language is one of the most crucial skills in your own personal development and will impact positively in every area of your life.

In today’s competitive business climate, organisations need leaders with more than technical and intellectual ability. They need this to maintain a competitive advantage. Critical to this are people with the skill to interpret the hidden universal language. What people are thinking but not saying, and so make decisions based on fact not assumption.

We use body language all of the time in our business life and our social life, it is about movements, gestures and expressions made to convey a particular message to other people. It could be:

  •         Eye Contact;
  •         Handshakes;
  •         The way we greet each other;
  •         Posture;
  •         Smiles;
  •         Facial expressions


Is there just one body language?

Absolutely not. Body language will vary significantly from one culture to another. So if we travel abroad to a country that has different culture or traditions, we must be cautious in how we interpret body language.

Developing your ability to accurately interpret body language will greatly enhance your communications skills. It will also:

  • • Strengthen your ability to influence others by creating a powerful impact
  • • Create a powerful and charismatic executive presence
  • • Communicate with an air of authority and credibility so people listen
  • • Learn how to ‘read’ body language to gain an advantage in every interaction
  • • Learn how to deal with conflict and create a win-win outcome every time.
  • • Deliver highly engaging presentations/pitches/speeches with awe-inspiring persuasiveness and passion.
  • • An essential skill set on an individual’s journey towards becoming a fully effective team member at work
  • • A significant attribute and key to developing leadership skills.


At HR in Flow, we believe that possessing a heightened ability to maximise the use of body language is a key element of our Personal Impact Ripple. To this end, we have worked with an acknowledged subject matter expert and exponent of body language to develop a new innovative workshop entitled Body Talk for Business.

The focus of this programme is on personal awareness and observation, unwrapping an awareness of the information we continually imbue and the hidden secrets that are available for us to observe and then interpret them correctly. These signs, signals, gestures, gesticulations, actions, behaviours, patterns and stimuli have always been there; we should all start using them for better advantage.

If you would like more information about the Body Talk for Business Workshop or other elements of our Ripple Programme, please contact us on or call us on 01280 823702.


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