What we do

People in Flow was founded with the goal of helping organisations identify areas of dysfunction throughout their hierarchy. We do this via our Insight, Impact and Flow module.


At People in Flow, we align business needs with people strategies; culture, engagement learning and performance. In every organisation there are crunch points and therefore our aim is to resolve these issues with a lasting effect. We deliver these results through our Insight, Impact and Flow model, which can be delivered separately or in conjunction.  


We use our Cloud Based Learning Beyond Data System to be able to provide insight into the current state of each clients’ organisation. The system is both comprehensive and flexible and therefore it can be used to measure engagement, talent, performance and succession. This can be done collectively or separately. Our system can work alongside any systems that our clients currently have or we can help them build a tailored stand alone platform.


It’s predictive analytics enable us to help our clients resolve any future problems before they arise, this gives them the time to grow you organisation positively and not be waylaid by ‘fighting fires.’


• First of all, we have an exclusive Learning Beyond Data System 


•  This system allows you to review the current perception and impact in different areas. Including HR, learning, talent and related function strategies, operational processes and activity balance


•  Another benefit is we can identify unique strategies which are tailored to your individual organisational needs


•  In addition to this, we explore the best suited supplementary products that would add value to your organisation’s development


•  And finally, we gain an understanding of the culture that already exists in your organisation


•  We can build and implement unique strategies


•  In addition to this, we make the most of the natural strengths within your team


•  Another thing we do is we create time and enhance your personal and collective value – doing what is most valuable most of the time


•  As a result of that, we can generate internal energy and productivity through an integrated, collaborative and coordinated approach


•  Most of all, we can redefine your culture to enhance your organisations performance


• First of all we can explore the best suited supplementary products that would add value to your organisation’s future development


• Furthermore, we reduce stress in your workplace and wider organisation


•  And we can build further confidence in your function and access experienced and performance focused resource for your unique demands

Our Partners

Good Practice

Together we ensure the most up to date learning and development material is accessible to everyone.

OD Consulting

Together we have developed the Learning Beyond Data System.


Together we are able to offer clients CIPD accreditation's.

Fortis Training

Working together to go beyond fitness in the workplace.