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Insight, Impact and Flow | HR in Flow's Goal | Why Us?

What we do

People in Flow was founded with the goal of helping organisations identify areas where performance gains can be made throughout their hierarchy. We do this via our Insight, Impact and Flow model.



We understand how people work, how they best contribute, what unique organisations build to enable their people to deliver their potential, going beyond lean, going beyond the standard approaches and exploring new ways of providing people and organisation support.


We bring the principles, approaches, tools and templates of the ‘Go Beyond’ frameworks as described in the book written by our Founder (Neville Pritchard) and Chief Researcher (Richard Scott).

This includes People Support frameworks, the AMI (Alignment, Management, Impact) department 360, the energy based transformation labs, the performance enablement system and the rapid and deep insight service provided by our cloud based ‘Learning Beyond Data’ system.


The current state of each clients’ Organisation Health is sufficiently different to question standard HR approaches. The system is both comprehensive and flexible and can be used to measure a range of people related considerations, intended performance drivers, management impact, department impact and service level perception. The system can work alongside any existing systems that you may currently have. Alternatively, we can provide assistance in building a tailored, standalone platform. Go beyond firefighting and get ahead of change.


For transformative improvement and change people need additional and timely support. They need to take personal responsibility for performance and development and for collective achievement. People in Flow provide a range of Impact Learning Services workshops, including:


  • We use our exclusive Learning Beyond Data system


  • Review current perception and impact across your organisation including HR, learning, talent and related function strategies, operational processes and activity balance


  • Identify and develop unique strategies which are bespoke and tailored to your individual organisational needs


  • Explore best supplementary products that would add value to your organisation’s development


  • Understand, use, and finesse your unique culture


  • Build and implement unique strategies, tailored to your specific needs


  • Acknowledge and build upon the natural strengths within your team


  • Create time and enhance your personal and collective value. Ensuring that the most valuable actions are carried out most often


  • Generate internal energy and increased productivity through an integrated, informed, collaborative and coordinated approach


  • Enhance your culture to deeply strengthen your organisation’s performance



  • Support implementation focus and communication needs


  • Build further confidence in your function using experience and performance focused resources


  • Key team and individual coaching and mentor support


  • Measurement of Impact


  • People in Flow – engaged, belonging, productive, well, skilled, and committed
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