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Talent and Succession | HR in Flow | Improving your business

Talent and Succession

We complete a comprehensive review of the potential within your organisation. We do this with a finger on the pulse, and we are immersive and revealing. Therefore we can help you to identify exactly where and how your budding talent can be used to improve the effectiveness of business. We can bring a wide range of considerations into play in an integrated, informed, coordinated and collaborative way to maximise the potential contribution of all employees, and by recognising their individual talents.

The People in Flow LBD system automates the process and enables you to start talent and succession considerations where they often finish.

We help you to reduce time on meetings and increase time for action. The talent and succession software is integrated with the performance module and enables an inclusive approach to management and development. People in Flow consultants and coaches provide ‘group’ and individual analysis and development coaching.

All levels can benefit, including career development, aspiring talent, pre-executive and executive groups and individuals. People in Flow utilise a range of learning services, media mix, energy focused workshops, ‘Being your Best’ workshops, individual coaching, development centres, action learning, key project implementation management and individual development planning.

In the last five years, People in Flow have seen over 80% of those supported making progress with promotions, additional responsibility, refocus roles and increased impact. People in Flow can track, monitor and report impact and return.

EVALUATE directly from the People in Flow ‘LBD’ performance impact system.

REDEFINE your priorities from informed and deep data.

ACCELERATE development and ensure retention.

CREATE your succession and ensure best deployment of your talent as they grow.

Insight from

Current state analysis consulting
LBD engagement survey
Individual management 360s using our ‘Leading in a Complex Environment’ competency framework
Dominant energy profiling
Management team effectiveness profiling

Impact from

Facilitated transformation labs
Pragmatic assessment centres
Focused professional development
Professional skills
Leadership and Management training and development activity

Flow through

Ongoing Talent coaching support programme
Digital reinforcement
Measurement framework

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